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We develop games for the PC, Linux, Macintosh, IOS and IPhones. Our tools of choice include Unity3D, Xamarin, StencylWorks and C++ code.

Our current projects include :

Grimoire, possibly one of the oldest of old skool RPGs in development. (95% complete)

All-New IndieGoGo Campaign Is Now Online! This may be your last chance to make a pledge and acquire a physical copy in your hand of one of the greatest old skool retro roleplaying games ever made! You snooze, you lose! Only pledges will receive physical media and DRM free copies of the game!! Act now or be consigned to the land of despair and lost opportunities!

Containment Facility, an immersive survival horror game inspired by the SCP universe. (20%)

ATOMIC WAR, an arcade-strategy pocket game for IPhone, Flash and Android. (75%)