Grimoire hosted now on Steam, and GameJolt

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Man, are we glad to get that off our hands. Finally, Grimoire has entered the mass market with the V2 version.

Only took 26 years to finish it off. There were a couple of optimistic estimates originally about the completion date.

We have so many games brewing at Golden Era but the next topic secret project (don’t breathe a word of this to anybody!) is the excellent looking action RPG we are working on called POST-ATOMIC which is coming along really quickly. The tools and development environment have come a long ways since we wrote the first text editors for Grimoire.

With Unity and enough assets, a single programmer can do the work of what used to take fifty team members a few years ago in the game industry. Just to get a prototype like the one we have working would take a team well over a year.

Screenshots and announcements will be coming very shortly for this project, a must-have for fans of post-apocalyptic roleplaying games.