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IndieGoGo Campaign for Grimoire has gone live!! Pledge now for release coming in May 2013 !!

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We started work on this game back when people pushed their cars around with their feet like the Flintstones! It was beta tested before the widespread adoption of refrigeration in the home! The Dodo was a popular fried bird served in fast food shops! The Coecanthe was a common staple in fish’n'chips!

Grimoire has been in development for a long, long time. It was first featured in games magazines in Australia and the United States back in 1997 and first beta tested back in 1998. It went through several successive overhauls of both the artwork, music and roleplaying system in the early 2000′s.  Beta tested again in 2002. Then again in 2005. In 2009 all the NPCs had their logic completed after switching three times to different scripting languages.

Guess what? It looks better and better the older it gets! A bit of nostalgia in 1997, it has become the definitive retro CRPG since and heralds a very bright future on the mobile platform!

All we need to do (of course) is to finish it. It is the last 2% of a game this size that really gets you when you insist on working alone on it. A lot of debugging and game balance involved.

Keep watching this space for new screenshots. Until then, you can visit the GrimDarkly Blog in our links and see for yourself just how far progressed towards completion it is. Everybody is wondering why we have not released it yet. When I can answer that question I will truly have achieved Zen mastery. I will probably then be able shoot kick-ass lasers out of my eyes and move slowly upside down in bullet-time whenever I feel like it. Until then, ponder this question, grasshopper.